Our woodland birds are often heard more than they are seen. Who hasn’t listened to a wonderful dawn chorus on a bright spring day, or searched the tree trunks after hearing the “tap, tap, tap” of a woodpecker?
Many birds are quite shy and secretive, but luckily there are some that are quite used to people walking around the reserve and can be spotted regularly.
Kent’s woodland bird species are the most colourful of our bird groups, making them an enjoyable species group to watch.

Species List

  • Blue tit

    Cyanistes caeruleus

  • Dunnock

    Prunella modularis

  • Lesser Redpoll

    Carduelis cabaret

  • Long-tailed tit

    Aegithalos caudatus

  • Robin

    Erithacus rubecula

  • Wren

    Troglodytes troglodytes