Trees and shrubs are an important part of any eco-system, they provide shelter, homes, food and oxygen for all the other creatures living in that habitat, including us!
There are around 33 species of tree native to the UK – these are trees that have been here since the ice age, including common oak, hawthorn and silver birch. Many of these species can be found here at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.
There are also a number of trees which have been introduced for their unique properties, such as sweet chestnut. These are known as ‘naturalised’ and are now a part of the great abundance of tree species found in the UK.

Species List

  • Crack Willow

    Salix fragilis

  • Elder

    Sambucus nigra

  • Rowan

    Sorbus aucuparia

  • Spindle

    Euonymus europaeus