This group captures all the small things which do not come under the other categories. It includes things like mosses, liverworts (together known as ‘bryophytes’) which play a vital role in regulating ecosystems because they provide an important buffer system for other plants, which live alongside and benefit from the water and nutrients that bryophytes collect.
Other small things found on our reserve are plant galls, a gall is an abnormal growth produced by a plant or other host under the influence of another organism.
Most galls are caused by fungi or invertebrates, they can occur on the stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots of plants, and a wide variety of plants are affected, including many very common species. Oaks and willows are particularly rich in galls, both of which grow here at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.

Species List

  • Oak Marble Gall

    Andricus kollari

  • Ordinary Moss

    Brachythecium rutabulum