There are 6 species of native amphibian found in the UK; palmate newt, common frog, common/smooth newt, common toad, great crested newt and natterjack toad. Amphibians can live both in and out of the water. The young of these animals are called tadpoles and they live in the water until they start to mature. They have special adaptations which allow them to breathe underwater. When they emerge from the water as adults they are able breathe having lost their specially adapted gills.
4 of these species can be found here at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.
There are also 6 species of native reptile in the UK; grass snake common lizard, adder, slow worm, smooth snake and sand lizard. Grass snake, common lizard and slow worms are often seen on the reserve….look out for a grass snake swimming in the lakes and on a sunny day you may be lucky enough to spot any of the 3 species warming themselves up on a path, rocks or around our compost heap!

Species List

  • Common Frog

    Rana temporaria

  • Common Lizard

    Lacerta Zootoca vivipara

  • Slow Worm

    Anguis fragilis

  • Smooth Newt

    Triturus Lissotriton vulgaris