Apart from rabbits and grey squirrels, mammals are probably one of the hardest things to spot on the reserve, however you can see plenty of evidence of where they have been.
If you spot tiny tracks of flattened grass, it is likely that a small mammal is passing through on a regular basis, and mole hills are a very common site.
Mammals play a vital role in maintaining our ecosystem. Small mammals sustain our birds of prey, and bats control insect numbers. We have 6 species of bat here at Sevenoaks, join one of our bat walks to find out more.
The otter and water vole indicate excellent water quality in our rivers, and thriving harvest mouse and hedgehog populations represent diverse, connected landscapes.
We have several mouse and shrew species present on the reserve which help support our owls. We also have carnivorous mammals in the form of stoats and weasels, but these are very secretive and you would be very lucky indeed to see one.

Species List

  • Grey Squirrel

    Sciurus carolinensis

  • Mole

    Talpa europaea

  • Pygmy Shrew

    Sorex minutus

  • Water Vole

    Arvicola amphibius