Fungi are a diverse and colourful group of organisms, neither plant nor animal, which grow in a variety of habitats.
A vast majority of plants have a symbiotic relationship with fungal species that grow on their roots.
The part of the fungi that is visible above ground is the fruiting body….the rest of the fungi is inside whatever it is growing on.
These parts are long strands like cotton wool and are called ‘mycelium’, these can reach over long distances searching for water and nutrients. The mycelium is iften growing in association with roots of plants and trees, and it is able to share the good things it finds with the roots….this is known as a ‘symbiotic’ relationship.
Fungi are also called decomposers because they can break down dead animals and plants. They are also good recyclers because the nutrients they release by breaking down the dead organisms goes back into the soil.

Species List

  • Amethyst Deceiver

    Laccaria amethystina

  • Chanterelle

    Cantharellus cibarius

  • Dryad’s Saddle

    Polyporus squamosus

  • Fly Agaric

    Amanita Muscaria