There is a vast variety of flowering plants in the UK with an average of 0.34 species becoming extinct in Kent each year, according to a recent survey by Plantlife.
Many flowers have adapted their colour, smell and shape to attract a particular pollinating insect, for example, we have bee orchids growing on the reserve (best seen in June), and the flowers resemble that of a female bee to attract a mate.
In the UK many plants and flowers have been part of traditional customs…….making daisy chains, playing conkers, sticking goosgrass stems to each others backs and the timeless wedding bouquet.

Species List

  • Creeping Thistle

    Cirsium arvense

  • Herb-Robert

    Geranium robertianum

  • Hop

    Humulus lupulus

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    Anagallis arvensis