Butterflies and moths are a beautiful and important part of the UK’s wildlife. They are highly sensitive indicators of the health of the environment and play crucial roles in the food chain as well as being pollinators of plants.
There are 59 species of butterfly and 2,500 species of moths in the UK, with more establishing every decade following migration from continental Europe. They are found from the shoreline to mountain top, and occur in a wide variety of habitats. Their caterpillars feed mainly on plants, but some moth species feed on roots, lichens and algae as well as other substances such wood and fur. Many species depend on a narrow range of plants or food types for their survival.

Species List

  • Brimstone Butterfly

    Gonepteryx rhamni

  • Cinnabar

    Tyria jacobaeae

  • Comma Butterfly

    Polygonia c-album

  • Elephant Hawkmoth

    Deilephila elpenor